Avana (Avanafil) is Another Indian cheap analogue of the famous Viagra. It’s Stendra generic. Avana has been developed by a pharmaceutical company from India

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Avana (Avanafil) is Another Indian cheap analogue of the famous Viagra. It’s Stendra generic. Avana has been developed by a pharmaceutical company from India, which is one of the core reasons for buying this drug. Our store guarantees the best quality of Avana and proven suppliers from India. Indian manufacturers have already proven the quality of their products and have repeatedly shown that they are not in vain occupy their place of honor among the world manufacturers of medicines.

Clinical trials have confirmed the high effectiveness of the drug and that it really stimulates the onset of a stable erection and contributes to its rapid achievement during a sexual intercourse. The percentage of active substance avanafil in one tablet is 100 mg.

Do not forget about the price. Sometimes prices are a key factor when buying medicines. More often the price is caused by a brand of tablets.

Avana from India, unlike other drugs, goes on an order of magnitude more expensive per pill than the rest. It’s all about the active substance, it’s an order of magnitude higher than the quality of other generics.

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How to use

Reception Avanafil should be started 20-30 minutes before the sexual intercourse. Swallow the tablet completely without crushing and washing with water. It is acceptable to eat during meals and after moderate doses of alcohol.

The maximum daily norm is 100 mg of avanafil. A single dose can be reduced to 50 mg of the active substance.

Men aged over 65 are recommended to use half of the specified daily rate.

Side Effects

Taking a product over the counter can sometimes lead to small consequences.

Ordering Avana is recommended for every man who is unable to achieve a permanent erection and maintain it throughout the entire sexual intercourse.

Like most drugs, this drug has a number of side effects and it is strictly not recommended for people under the age of 18.

There are such side effects as:

  • swelling of nasal mucous membranes;
  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • feeling of hot.
  • Side effects are usually mild and fast.

If any side effects occur, consult a doctor immediately.

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